Firm Overview

Family Law Attorney

Family law covers all aspects of family life, from the pre-nuptial agreement you may sign before you get married, through the mediation of family legal disputes during your relationship, to the division of assets and custody issues after a divorce.

From establishing paternity to drafting a pre-nuptial agreement to dividing property and assets, our mediation services can help you come to the right decision for you and yours, often without the need for a bitter court battle.

Divorce Attorney

Divorce is a painful and difficult time for an entire family. Its effects reverberate far beyond the couple and damage family, friends, loved ones and everyone around you. Dividing your assets, establishing custodial rights, coming up with child support agreements or handling any other dispute during the divorce has to be done with sensitivity and care.

Regardless of what your needs or dispute might be, we’ll be there to consider your needs, protect your rights and your privacy and help you get through so you can move on with your life.

FAPA Restraining Order Attorney

Victims of domestic abuse and violence are in a position unlike anyone else. They suffer trauma, fear, and can even fall into a cycle of abuse that can put their lives and the lives of loved ones at risk. Having a FAPA restraining order attorney in your corner can help you break the cycle, protect your rights and your life, and give you back your life.

Willamette Family Law

Willamette Family Law is here to help with all of your family law needs. Whether you’re in need of a restraining order, a divorce attorney or mediation and alternative dispute resolution, we can handle the job. Even if it’s after hours, we’ll work around your schedule, and will be in contact to provide detailed and timely updates for all your legal needs.

If you need the help of a family law attorney or a divorce attorney, call Willamette law at (971) 313-8020 today.