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Divorce and Custody

Divorce is one of the most difficult transitions anyone can face. Likewise, fighting for custody of your child can be both traumatic and exhausting. If you are involved in a divorce or a custody battle, you need to consult an experienced Divorce and Custody Attorney for guidance.


Whenever you’re faced with a family dispute, it can be a painful time. A mediator can help families talk through their disputes and find acceptable agreements for all of the parties involved. Just as every family is unique, every case brought to mediation is unique and requires an approach that is understanding and empathetic of everyone's needs.

At Willamette Family Law, we see our job as working alongside families to reach an agreement that all parties find reasonable and in their best interests. We believe that through alternative dispute resolution services like mediation, the best solutions can arise from difficult situations.

Restraining Orders & FAPA Orders

Willamette Family Law is dedicated to getting to the heart of cases of family abuse and domestic violence, and providing outstanding restraining orders & FAPA attorney services to all those in need. If you have suffered abuse or violence at the hands of a loved one, give us a call at (971) 313-8020 for help today.


If you need to modify an existing child support, spousal support or child custody order, you need to contact an experienced family law attorney for assistance. With Willamette Family Law & Mediation, you will have access to an attorney who has extensive experience with family law issues. Please contact Willamette Family Law & Mediation to schedule a consultation with a family law attorney or to learn more about pursuing a modification.